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Total Active Grids: 208
Distributed Regions: 56885
Registered Users: 542715
Monthly Active Traffic: 31788
*Average Daily Traffic: 1135
Hypergrid Traffic: 27402
Closed Grid Traffic: 4386
*(for all active grids)
Ranking Change (May 12, 2017)
Recently some grids stopped displaying part or all their stats. This stops Grid Search from showing every single grid and, where limited numbers are shown, the ranking will be based on the highest daily login's or the active traffic stats which ever gives the highest number. Thus, the most active grids should still appear near or at the top of listings. Those grids that don't appear may be quite active but hidden due to the owner's unwillingness to display any numbers. You have to draw your own conclusions to that but suffice it to say the free Metaverse is much bigger than we can determine at present.

Build your own OpenSim world the easy way with Sim on a Stick or try DreamWorld an easy installer.

You can also get a pre-configured app to connect a region to OSgrid or get Diva Distro


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